(Healthy Environments And Relationships that Support)

"Individual and community qualities work together"

While ACEs and current stressors have the potential to impact our health and well-being, healthy coping, resources, and support helps us to bounce back, counter, and prevent negative consequences. For these reasons, we emphasize the development of HEARTS, or "healthy environments and relationships that support."

Peer support networks can powerfully support your own self care work. In fact, stress combined with adequate support can lead to growth and transformation. Research also demonstrates that healthy behaviors are contagious through social networks.

Providing you support as you "heal thyself" is a good investment. Your own transformation helps you to build healthy relationships and role model for those you serve.

Social service agencies can intentionally develop HEARTS. This kind of compassionate culture facilitates the personal development of staff, many of whom have identified their own ACE scores, who then create a therapeutic community for clients recovering from adverse childhood experiences. Leadership plays an important role in the development of HEARTS.

This self care workbook can be adapted for use by a peer support group in your agency or community.